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Participants worldwide were invited to send their ideas on how nature can be reintroduced to modern urban society. Submissions had to be of an educational and recreational structure that celebrates nature.

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Three top-prize winners and three honorable mentions were selected. A common theme for bringing public awareness about the environment is to disconnect people from technology in favor of letting them interact with nature in a very hands-on fashion. This proposal turns that concept on its head and suggests that technology could be the savior rather than the enemy. The proposal responds to the brief with a refreshing touch of science fiction by barring humans from the area as a means of safeguarding nature, suggesting that this future might not be too far away.

However, to avoid bordering on dystopia, it proposes that technology could actually be of as much benefit to humans as to the environment. By offering the possibility of a digital visit, the Omne Mountain becomes a very democratic affair, available for everyone regardless of location. The celebration becomes an act of preservation, and vice versa. Clear diagrams and valid arguments provide a coherent storyline that comes to life in a visually strong presentation, turning Dromneberget into an alluring proposition. Full details can be found on this Bustler webpage. Canadian Architect has announced the winners of the Awards of Excellence, given each year to architects and architectural graduates for buildings in the design stage.

Awards are given for architectural design excellence.

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Jurors considered response to the program, site, geographical and social context, and evaluated physical organization, structure, materials and environmental features. From the Nov. The prize was created by a generous estate gift made to the University by Leonard Herbert Margolese. I am grateful and eager, because this prestigious prize will allow me to further my urban agriculture and food security interests and also venture into new areas such as the synergy of built and aquatic environments.

The jury—comprised of Marta Farevaag, principal at Vancouver-based planning, urban design and landscape architecture firm PFS Studio; Robert Freedman, former director of urban design for the City of Toronto; Lisa Rochon, author and architecture critic at the Globe and Mail; and Bing Thom, Vancouver-based architect and urban designer and Margolese winner—praised Bhatt for embodying the spirit of humanity, generosity, equality and social and environmental justice that distinguish Canadian values internationally. Bhatt has done much to make urban environments more livable. As part of the award, each prize winner is invited to give a public lecture on their work.

For further information and photos, please see the ArchDaily and designboom web articles.

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McKee Award. She is decidedly a forerunner for women and all professionals in the field of conservation in North America. The APT is a cross-disciplinary, membership organization 1, members dedicated to promoting the best technology for conserving historic structures and their settings. The Harley J. McKee Award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of preservation technology.

Avi Friedman was among three distinguished Canadians — all architects — who were recognized by Sustainable Buildings Canada SBC for their outstanding contributions to creating a more sustainable built environment.

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The other two award recipients are Margie Zeidler and Ken Greenberg. For full details, please see the SBC awards webpage. A five-year starter at offensive tackle from to , he earned all-conference honours twice in addition to meriting first team all-Canadian honours on both occasions — in and He was subsequently selected in the first round 10th overall by Saskatchewan in the Canadian Football League's College Draft. He played for the Montreal Alouettes in but his career was cut short by a recurrent knee injury. The first photo below shows the lobby of the main university building, site of the exhibition, with a poster announcing the opening of the exhibition.

Zoryan Pikh Vice-rector for Research , Prof. The Architectural major established in in Lviv University is the oldest one in Ukraine. It became part of the Technical Academy after the latter was founded in In the Department moved to the new building where it is still located. The Architecture Institute was founded in on the basis of the Architectural Faculty as a result of the restructuring of Lviv Polytechnic National University. Therefore, such architecture cannot be impersonal and sterile, nor can it be blatantly eclectic. It must maintain the substance of a specific cultural tradition, but transform it in a fresh, inventive and relevant form.

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Lobby of the main building of Lviv Polytechnic National University. Formal opening of the exhibition.

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Construction of the project will begin in the spring of , with an opening date forecast of September For further information, please see here and here. Please also see the Norman Kietzmann illustrated profile. These grants are offered to doctoral students in architecture, in humanities and in social sciences in Canadian universities to facilitate access to the CCA Collection during residencies of one to three months at the Study Centre in the Summer of All students currently enrolled in a doctoral program in humanities and social sciences in Canada are eligible for this award, regardless of citizenship.

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This year, the CCA gave priority to research proposals that address the history and theory of contemporary architecture. Aaron Sprecher to the rank of Associate Professor with tenure, effective June 1, Sprecher was initially appointed as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture in the summer of In partnership with her late husband, Sandy, Blanche van Ginkel played a key role in preserving Old Montreal during the s and courageously led the charge to protect the south slope of Mount Royal from urban developers.

An inspirational educator and leader in her profession, Blanche van Ginkel was among the first in promoting integrated, Modernist design concepts to generations of men and women architects and urban planners. For the loss of the shoe the horse was lost, for the loss of a horse the rider was lost, for the loss of the rider the message was lost, for the loss of the message the battle was lost, for the loss of the battle the war was lost; for the loss of the war the kingdom was lost — and all for the loss of a horseshoe nail.

For architects, in particular, the overriding concern is to consider equally and simultaneously both the totality and the constituent elements — the one affecting the other. And somewhat similarly, reconciling the demands of human use, material possibilities and accessible resources — sometimes a difficult balancing act. It is an interesting and exhilarating professional world.

I wish all of you well in finding at least a semblance of equilibrium in this balancing act in your professional career — and I hope that you derive some satisfaction from it in the process.

Blanche Lemco van Ginkel. Web announcement on the OAQ website: click here. Link to Lamarre's report: here. Martin Bressani has been published by Ashgate. Through his life journey, we follow the route by which the technological subject was born out of nineteenth-century historicism.

On April 29, , David Theodore B. The following is the abstract of the dissertation entitled Towards a New Hospital: Architecture, Medicine, and Computation, :. I examine the efforts of reformers, including administrators, planners, architects, and computer consultants, to provide appropriate accommodation for modern biomedicine. I explore three stories in order to untangle the admixture of architecture, medicine, and computation as they intertwined through a mutual engagement with automation, operations research, cybernetics, and biomedical research in the postwar hospital.

And in Canada, the Montreal Neurological Institute adopted computing to transform its expertise in clinical brain imaging research. When possible, I emphasize specific computers, arguing that attention to the presence of the machine itself contributes to our understanding of hospital life.

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In examining hospital reform after the Second World War, I claim that the hospital building must be conceived as something other than a physical representation of medical knowledge, first, because the new computer-oriented hospital practices often took place in buildings not purpose-built to accommodate them; and second, because reformers who used computation to design and construct new hospitals sought an architecture that would accommodate a state of permanent progress. Hospital computer information systems and hospital architecture developed homologous designs meant to forestall obsolescence and self-adjust to growth and change.

I conclude that the failures and reversals these optimistic reformers encountered indicate the emergence of a stable sociotechnical configuration, a set of places and practices intertwined with problems that could not be overcome through improved designs, more diligent scientific research, or through calling for more compliant users, especially nurses, or re-training them. Finally, I posit the lattice diagram as the best image of the forces that linked architecture, medicine, and computation together in the drive towards a new hospital.

Work-study 'string diagram' of a nurse working in a hospital ward, ca. From the Daily News webpage of the Canadian Architect website:. The awards celebrate outstanding design in recently completed projects by Canadian architects. The winning buildings reflect excellence in sustainable design, innovation and compatibility with the landscape.